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Organics Unite!
May 7 2014 8:55AM Posted by Forever Eden

Press Release                                Monday, April 1, 2014

Forever Eden’s Organic Certification Celebration at Earth Day on Leonardtown Square


Forever Eden Organics, a manufacturer of Organic Skincare, Personal & Home Care Products and Owner of the Forever Eden Mobile Spa which is Headquartered in St. Mary’s County, Maryland  is pleased to announce they will be sponsoring multiple community events this year to celebrate receiving their Organic Certification from the Maryland Department of Agriculture. As a way to highlight Maryland Organics, Forever Eden will be sponsoring the Spider Hall Farm Organic Ice Cream stand offering the attendees of Earth Day free Organic Ice Cream. The mobile ice cream stand will be located at the Leonardtown Wharf just down the hill from festivities on the Square. Each attendee wishing to enjoy one complimentary ice cream must visit the Forever Eden Organics booth to obtain a ticket. Then exchange the ticket with Spider Hall Farm to receive the ice cream flavor of their choice!


Forever Eden Organics is privileged to currently be the second Personal care and Skincare Company in the State of Maryland to be Certified Organic according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) database. Based on the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulations, personal care products are not required to be certified. Forever Eden voluntarily completed the extensive process as a testament and commitment to ensure transparency, integrity and loyalty to Organics for years to come. Every single ingredient inside each Forever Eden product was reviewed and all ingredient vendor sources were verified to be Certified Organic. Not only the ingredients reviewed, but their entire product production process from start to finish. From vendor invoices, storage, sanitation, equipment, labeling, and packaging to the finished product batch identification systems and inventory management. A multi-hour inspection performed by The Maryland Department of Agriculture Organic Program staff physically inspected the commercial space, ingredients, packaging, labels and experienced first-hand behind the scenes of their operations.


Forever Eden Organics can excitedly say they passed the rigorous processes and on Monday, January 27, 2014 received an Organic Certification from The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA). They will be reviewed annually by the MDA to verify they are in compliance with the USDA NOP standards.


Forever Eden is growing by leaps and bounds. “We would like to personally say Thank You to every customer who has ever supported us. There are no words that can express our feelings of gratitude.  Soon Forever Eden will need additional staff to handle the increased product production, customer service, events, future product development, and to maintain retail customer and wholesale store demand. We are sure our Organic Certification will also impact our progress in expansion.  As we continue to offer our global customers quality affordable Organics handcrafted and distributed from Southern Maryland, we are currently seeking a larger commercial space primarily in St. Mary’s County to expand our operations and manufacturing facility.”


"I am Forever Eden’s biggest fan; I am truly humbled and honored by the brand she has become. From making skincare at home to meet our own sensitive skin needs to the transition into commercial space 4 years ago to help bring more quality products to our customers.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We envision Forever Eden as the leading global brand for all things Certified Organic, health and wellness. Forever Eden is much bigger than a skincare brand. We help our customers improve the quality of their daily life through Organic health and wellness products. The MDA Organic Certification is just one step in the numerous results of our progress.  Now empowered with our certification we will be expanding our product offerings beyond skincare. Soon we will offer products for cleaning & home care, pet care and in the future expand to the Organic food and beverage industry” says Co-Founder Wynne Briscoe.


The Forever Eden products are available online via their website, community events and in stores from St. Mary’s to Anne Arundel Counties. During the Earth Day festivities be sure to stop by The Good Earth Natural Foods Store which is Forever Eden’s Flagship Location located just off of the Leonardtown Square on Park Avenue.

Big Sis, Be Better!
May 6 2014 11:03PM Posted by Forever Eden

Subject: Big Sis, Be Better… December 2013 Women Inspire the World Story


Meet Wynne Briscoe…

Co-Founder of Forever Eden Organics

Southern Maryland’s Only Certified Organic Bath and Body Skin Care Company.

(301) 863-7611 =


Wynne’s Career History

Wynne’s career started off with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, DC at the age of 17 one month after graduating from high school.  She attended classes and paid her tuition while working a full time and a part time job. As a result Wynne was the first in her family to graduate from college. After juggling school and work she graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. degree concentration in Business Law.  In 2001 with degree in hand, she decided to leave the safety and comfort of a “good government job” despite concerns from her family and started her journey of entrepreneurship.  Over the years, Wynne has accomplished many roles and worn many hats - business consultant, retail store owner and licensed realtor – to name a few.  Today Wynne is the Co-Founder and Lead Handcrafter of Forever Eden.  She launched into entrepreneurship by following her heart to help people, which Wynne says she has ALWAYS done since leaving her government job.


The Launch of Forever Eden

Wynne will tell you herself that she did not set out with the intention of opening another business when Forever Eden “found her” as she says.  The beginning of Forever Eden started when her sister, Wanda, was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCSS) –a rare condition that causes an extreme sensitivity to anything chemically or artificially scented which sent her sister to the hospital and having to carry an EpiPen for emergencies. Wynne says “I was the little sister and wanted my big sister to be better. I wanted a way to help her.”  So to begin Wynne went to her grandmother and asked her about the “natural way – what was used before chemicals produced much of what is in the commercial products we use today.”  Wynne’s husband Sean and her spent years doing research on natural ingredients and how they heal the body. Wynne, a natural born crafter, began putting together natural ingredients for everyday use – hand soap, body wash, lotions, lip balms, etc.  As she developed the products, Wynne gave samples to friends and family throughout the community who in turn loved the products. They community requested more and asked to purchase the products. Wynne instructed them that this was not a business, but a way to help her sister and herself with their sensitive skin. Wynne says “we had no idea that other people had sensitive skin problems like us because many people don’t usually discuss their personal health concerns.” So as a result of community demand, years of research and a passion to help others, Wynne launched Forever Eden as a business in 2010.


Today Forever Eden is only the second personal care product company in the State of Maryland to become Certified Organic. Forever Eden is handcrafted in a commercial facility in St. Mary’s County and has local, national and international customers who love their 100% Organic products which are “safe enough to eat!” Also their website has retail store locations that carry their products throughout Maryland.


Forever Eden’s Mission in the World

The heartbeat of Forever Eden is to educate and empower consumers to make more conscious decisions about what they apply to their bodies.  Wynne says, “The products you apply to your body affect your whole body wellness.  When I initially meet people, many times they think that the outside of their body is different than the inside of their bodies.  They get up and go through their regular morning routines not knowing what is really in the products they apply to their skin”.  Wynne shares, “It’s the same body.  What you put on the outside of your body affects the inside of your body and how it optimally performs.”  During her events and speaking engagements, Wynne encourages consumers to take baby steps.  “Start small and change one or two items in your cabinets for healthier alternatives.  Start by reading your product labels, research and learn for yourself what they are and question do you really want to feed yourself these ingredients.” Wynne reminds them that “80% of what is applied to the skin is absorbed directly into the blood stream. We are feeding the body through our largest organ which is our skin, so feed it something good!”


Wynne’s Business & Life Advice

Wynne operates personally and professionally with the motto: Let it flow… don’t force the hand of something that’s not meant to be.  Allow the customer to drive the demand. With over 500 different product formulas, a 3-6 month rollout process, and no animal testing, Wynne is committed to bringing the best to her clients.  She says, “let your customers dictate the ‘a-ha’ moment and let them lead you.”  She has launched all of her businesses because there was a need that wasn’t being fulfilled in the existing marketplace.  In addition, Wynne adds “do your research, have a support team or system, do a budget, set your goals, and surround yourself with mentors and positive people.”  The most rewarding part of her business she says is “when we come face to face or over the phone with our customers and they say, you have changed my quality of life.  I see the impact of lives changed because of what we provide.”  Wynne shared the experience she had at the Leonardtown Earth Day event a few years ago.  “A customer walked up to our booth with tears in her eyes, hugged me and said thank you for creating these products.  The customer was a breast cancer survivor and had tried so many other options that didn’t work”.  It was in that moment Wynne shares that, “I saw the big picture – something we make with our hands, right here, local, from scratch, is really touching lives, helping people be healthy and improve their quality of life.”


With Wynne Briscoe’s motto of let it flow, guidance from her customers, and a passion to make the world a healthier place, she will undoubtedly see many years of success with Forever Eden.


Soul Whisper

Ebbs and Flows.  Learn to allow the ebbs and flows in your life.  Nothing lasts forever.  Time does not stand still for anyone.  Allow everything to happen.  You can’t control anything anyways.  Learn to Love.  Love to Laugh.  Laugh to Love Life!  Learning to really Love is the great key to laughing and loving your life. 


Take Action

With Wynne’s inspiration, where in your life are you stopping the flow?  What are you trying to force that just isn’t working?  Take some time this week to explore this for yourself.  


With big hugs and big dreams…


By: Erin Ross Lewis


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